Gerry Marlow -- Demonstrating turning a novel jewellery tray for rings and trinkets beginning with a cone creating a support stand and with a shallow tray. His current work was involving the use of a home made ROSE ENGINE .This was to be the decorating of the lid of a small box. The variety of adjustments was explained and the Club members showed a lot of interest with many questions. Gerry fascinated us further and showed us his skills in doing very small diameter spindle work. He had lots of examples to display and encouraged us to have a go!

We were delighted to ask Gerry to carry out the Judging for our Annual Competition which he did with due diligence. His decisions and critique were gratefully received.


Beginners           1st      Gerry Van Hee

        2nd      Rod Dinsdale

Intermediate    1st      Mary Haigh

Advanced          1st        Eric Mann

       2nd     Peter Hendry

 Bob Boyce Trophy

 1st    Paul Wheeler

 2nd   Stephen Hartley

The Awards and certificates will be presented at our Christmas Lunch.